As well as being a legal obligation , there are many advantages of being a member to the Osmaniye Chambe of Commerce .

The members of OCOC can benefit from the services below ;

  • Prepearing observations ,researches an reports for our members expectations , claims and problems and also attempting to solve them.
  • Domestic and foreign trade consultants
  • Informing about legislative changes and announcements about business urgently
  • Certifications for export and import invoices and all documents.
  • Appointing expert and reporting in cases of foreign trade when required.
  • Resolving a disagreement on foreign trades ,benefitting from required attempts and mediation function.
  • Taking the advantage of abroad fair organizations ,foreign purchases organizations ,abroad business trips and commercial visa procedures processes
  • Debriefing about domestic market prices and reporting
  • Confirming the invoices that are required to be verified whether they are appropriate to the rate or not
  • Reviewing and concluding the manufacturers document demands.
  • Confirmation and registeration of heavy equipments
  • Making a good use of certificate K for our members.
  • Giving certificate of conformity to the insurance agencies.
  • Setting a rate to the immovables and movables.
  • The documents that are required and also sometimes obliged for the firms trading processes like registrations.
  • Preperaing the owner's , the partners and the authorized staff's '' social security organization '' for artisans and self employed ( BAĞ-KUR )documents and their conformations
  • Certificates of foremanship, apprenticeship and approvals
  • Informing about overseas job offers , abroad fairs and bids.
  • Accomodation at a discount price a many hotels in Turkey.
  • Rewarding successful firms
  • Prepearing acts of good document .
  • Identfiying the wastage and loss rates of the products
  • Arranging courses and seminars that are intended for our member's needs.
  • Working for our city's historical and cultural value's promotion
  • Devating our conferance hall to our members at a discount price.