Osmaniye Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1923.In years between 1924-1937 Osmaniye was named  ''Cebeli Bereket Osmaniye''. Then in 1937 Osmaniye became a town and bounded to Adana.

In 1996 , when Osmaniye becamea city , our chamber got the title '' Osmaniye Chamber of Commerce '' and has been operating its business under this title ever since.


According to the law numbered 5174 , the chambers of commerce undertake kinds of missions.
These are ;

a) Saving and developing Professional ethics, discipline and cooperation while working in the name of commonwealth and developing industry and commerce.

b) Completing the task that are given .

c) Keeping the member's records and dues according to the Chamber's standarts.

d) Providing documents that are needed by the members.

e) Evaluating the applicants for domestic fairs and making proposals to the chamber.

f) Analyzing the complaints about members .

g) Prepearing capacity reports for other chambers.