In order to strengthen the entrepreneurship in Osmaniye and to create favorable business environments for entrepreneurs, T.C. Within the framework of Osmaniye Business Development Center Project, which is carried out by Osmaniye Governorship, a Business Development Center is established in Osmaniye Industrial area.

In order to fulfill the activities carried out in line with the aims, policies and related legislation of this center,(SME) Expert who can work full-time and continuously in the supervision and supervision of the Development Center Manager to accelerate social and cultural development, increase competitiveness and improve capacity is needed.Interested applicants will be able to apply for the application until 17:00 on Thursday, August 24, 2017 by filling in the Job Application Forms.

Osmaniye Governorship Directorate of Provincial Writings,

 Adnan Menderes Mah. Musa Sahin Boulevard 60, 80010, Osmaniye. You are kindly requested to submit them to Mafife Öksüz or İdil Tuğba Ekiz

 Applications made after this date will not be considered.

Detailed information about Osmaniye Business Development Center and Job Application Form can be obtained from www.osmaniyeisgem.com


Below are the qualifications and job descriptions required for candidates who will apply for the Position of SME Expert:


Having at least 5 (five) years of business experience with at least four (4) years of undergraduate study in business, economics, marketing, finance, finance, engineering (especially industrial engineering) or similar fields of universities;

Who have at least 3 (three) years of suitable work experience from candidates with a graduate degree,preferably in the sales, management departments or commercial associations and chambers of the companies, who have experience in the private sector that directs growth in the markets and / or optimizes business performance,expertise in managing professional specialist teams,having the experience of working directly with SMEs and creating new market opportunities in particular,with strong verbal and written communication skills


· Having individual and institutional communication and coordination skills at a good level,

· Having knowledge and skills in the field of business management and negotiation techniques,

· With strong networking, facilitation, mediation and bargaining skills,

· Microsoft Office applications dominate and

· People who can write and speak English in good level are being sought.


· Having a B-Class driver's license,

· Male candidates have completed military service

· The candidates should be born after 1.08.1972


Entrepreneurship contributes to the development of entrepreneurial cultures by encouraging entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship trainings are given or organized.

 · It develops, recommends and supports the implementation of business development services related to SMEs.

 · Supports the development and strengthening of the Business Development Center's private and public sector relationships in order to create apprenticeship-based activities.

· Work to improve and strengthen the business skills of target groups that are continuing their activities at the Business Development Center and facilitate related links throughout their value chains. In this context, the tenant provides marketing support, training and consultancy services.

· Supports the preparation of the business plans of the entrepreneurs applying to or from the Business Development Center in proportion to their facilities, monitors and evaluates their activities.

· Provide the companies in the Business Development Center to comply with the contracts they have made with the Center, and inform Business Development Center Manager in case of contradiction.

· Makes evaluation studies on the quality and efficiency of services offered to Business Development Center companies. Carries out tenders, tenders and contracts for business development activities.

Investigate new business and process developments in the sectors in the Business Development Center and make necessary studies to present them to the management.

 By participating in sectoral fairs, follow and share innovations. ·


Performs other similar tasks.

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