As sent by TOBB to the letter;


As it is known, Law No. 7033 on the Amendment of Certain Laws and Decrees on the Decree of the Law for the Support of Production and Production has been published in the Official newspaper dated 1 July 2017 and numbered 30111. Significant changes have been introduced in the law that concern industrial enterprises.


General Directorate of Science Industry and Technology; It is reported that studies have been carried out to ensure that the law substance is announced to the interested parties and that necessary secondary regulations are made in due time in order to establish the necessary domain of action in accordance with the purpose of the enactment of the law.



Weekly working license, industrial register, practical training in the workplace, devices that receive audiovisual publications, TRT share in electricity consumption and related items 1,3,4,5,6,19,26,27,28 and 74.

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