Within the scope of "InoSuit - Innovation Focused Mentorship Project" which is based on university-industry collaboration, it is aimed to increase the innovation management competence sustainably, to create and strengthen the innovation management infrastructure, to design each institution's corporate innovation systems according to their own goals, structure and needs,.


Project Goals


Within the 12-month period of the project, the Exporters 'Unions'


The establishment of the "Institutional Innovation System", which deals with the innovation process in a systematic, holistic and focused approach,

(A) strategic, (b) organizational, (c) cultural infrastructure and (d) information infrastructure that will feed the innovation processes and results,

Innovation projects in products, processes, organizational structures or marketing activities,

(B) the sustainable impact of competitiveness, (c) the systematic functioning and pursuit of innovations and investments,

Increasing the innovation management competency in a sustainable manner, and consequently increasing export performance


Increasing cooperation between universities and the private sector in our country on innovation management,

With regard to innovation management, it is aimed to increase the scientific knowledge, research and application experience in the universities of our country.

Access to each piece at the end of the study Targeted Outputs: Evaluation of company's innovation capacity According to development areas, the design of an institution-specific innovation system, Establishment of internal and external communication plan and content of the institutional innovation project, implementation of this plan, Determination of company innovation organization, Preparation of the company's innovation management directive and description of the processes, Determination of the company's technology roadmap and future requirements, Determination of the company's innovation strategies, The creation of a pool of ideas and suggestions that all company employees will contribute, Establishing and prioritizing the innovation project portfolio based on the current and future needs of the company, Creation of teams for prioritized innovation projects, Management of innovation projects; Problem identification - research - analysis - decision making - test application - realization of the final application steps, The company's integration of innovation into HR management practices, Establishment of appraisal and reward system, The development of nurturing applications for intra-company collaboration and information sharing, the provision of enterprise memory management, The description, creation and management of the company's innovation processes based on co-operation with external stakeholders, Providing access to external financing sources, Preparation of the Intellectual Property Rights Directive, Providing trainings on different topics to create internal competence in the steps of the innovation management process, Monitoring, evaluation and revision of the development in the institutional innovation system.


Project Time


The project will last for a total of 12 months, during which time companies and mentors will be expected to actively work for 11 months. (August is reserved for annual leave in the project, no activity is expected in August, and there is no payment for mentorship).



Start and End Dates of the Project


2017 October is the end date of the project to be launched in October 2018 October. For the project period to start in October, company applications will continue until 1 August 2018. Also from this year, it has been decided that project applications should be taken in 4 different periods during the year. Applicant companies will be able to start the project in October, January, April or July and continue the project for 12 months depending on the turnaround time.


Information sharing and project information meeting will be held in September 2017 (between September 22, 2017 - 09: 00-18: 00) with participation of all mentors and companies who will work in the project.


Financial Liabilities of Participating Companies The project financing will be realized with a total of 25% support of TIM and the exporters' associations that are affiliated and 75% contribution of our companies to be involved in the project. According to the financing model, Each of the companies participating in the project will be provided with mentoring services to be taken within the scope of the project for 11 months; For companies that are headquartered in Istanbul and will be mentored by universities in Istanbul, the university is required to make a monthly payment of 4,000 TL, For companies that are out of Istanbul and will be mentoring universities outside of Istanbul, the university is required to make a monthly payment of 3,000 TL, For a total of 25% of the TIM and for the support of the exporter association to which it is affiliated, the monthly payment note paid to the university is requested to be submitted to the exporter association to which it belongs, is required. KOSGEB members who apply to InoSuit Project have the opportunity to benefit from "Consultancy Support" under KOSGEB General Support Program up to 22,500TL.

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