In order to strengthen the entrepreneurship in Osmaniye and to create favorable business environments for entrepreneurs, T.C. Within the framework of Osmaniye Business Development Center Project, which is carried out by Osmaniye Governorship, a Business Development Center is established in Osmaniye Industrial Area.

 The Head of the Business Development Center is looking for a full-time and continuously working Director of this center, who will run, manage and develop the business plans in accordance with the decisions of the Management and Executive Boards of the institution.

Candidates who are interested will be notified on Thursday, August 24, 2017, at 17:00, by filling in their Job Application Forms.

Applications made after this date will not be considered.

Osmaniye Governorship Provincial Written Works Directorate, Adnan Menderes Mah. Musa Sahin Boulevard 60, 80010, Mr. Osmaniye addressed the task.

You are kindly requested to submit them to Mafife Öksüz or İdil Tuğba Ekiz


.   Detailed information about Osmaniye Business Development Center and Job Application Form can be obtained from



Below are the qualifications and job descriptions required for candidates who will apply for the position of Director of Business Development Center:








· Universities have a bachelor's degree (preferably preferred to have a graduate degree) in departments such as business, economics, public administration, finance, industrial engineering,

· Have worked for at least 5 (five) years with suitable work experience, preferably as a manager in the business development activities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and / or companies,

· Strategic decision-making, knowledge and skills in the fields of negotiation techniques,

· Having strong verbal and written communication skills,

· Having individual and institutional communication and coordination skills at a good level,

· Solution and result-focused,

· Experienced in budget and financial management,

· Microsoft Office applications dominate and

· People who are able to write and speak English well are being sought.



· Having a B-Class driver's license,

· Male candidates have completed military service and

· The candidates should be born after 1.08.1972.




· Prepares, monitors and evaluates the plans, programs and budget proposals of the Business Development Center in line with the objectives, targets, strategies and principles and policies implemented by the top management and related legislation; Administrative and financial sustainability.

· Provides balance and flexibility in distribution of work, directs, coordinates, integrates, monitors, controls and finds solutions to the problems that occur in order to ensure that the center's work is carried out efficiently.

· Accepts, evaluates and submits appropriate applications to the executive board for investment opportunities offered by entrepreneurs under the umbrella of the Business Development Center.

· Review existing grant and incentive programs, assess potential funding sources, and recommend them to the Executive Board.

· Organizes and implements activities that will facilitate the entrepreneurship and small business development of the Business Development Center for bringing intellectual and financial capital to Osmaniye by activating local entrepreneurs.

· Under the Business Development Center, it manages the work that will increase the number of sustainable enterprises. It monitors day-to-day operations, including promotion, marketing, provision of potential tenants and potential customers, and proposals for them.

The business world explores opportunities for business partnership with all relevant stakeholders, particularly sectoral communities and related public institutions, and offers suggestions to the Executive Board to promote business co-operation and economic development of the region in synergic areas. When necessary, partnerships develop on behalf of the Business Development Center.

· Cooperate with other business service providers to facilitate tenant and customer success by coordinating the provision of tenancy services. It allows the Business Development Center to act as a catalyst to support the small business of the region and strengthen the network of business associations between them.

· Provides the development and implementation of policies that regulate the operation of the plant, including performance indicators and targets.

· Provide consulting services to increase the competitiveness, marketing and export capacities of the businesses in the Business Development Center.

· Provide effective participation and regulation of various vocational and skills development courses when qualified demand arises.

· Develops and maintains the customer database and provides periodic reports.

· Provide records of the current situation of the Business Development Center, progress reports, and projects carried out.

· It organizes maintenance and repair works of facilities and equipment rented by the Center.


· Performs other duties that may be related to the work of the central and / or executive boards.

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